Got up early hours of the day, had a big bowl of coco pops and began my journey to the graduation ceremony. My first task in the morning before I could go to the university campus was to drop my car off at the garage for repairs (no surprise).

But still continued on by getting a lift to the campus and with great PRIDE I started to walk towards the curve to go pay for a gown which would have cost me £45 to hire but left it to the last-minute and was charged an extra £10. The gown is now on and I proceed to take celebratory pictures with family looking proud and happy.

The ceremony, nice service and a very special moment to get applauded by people in the crowd as my name was announced.

After the ceremony, took the gown off and went for dinner and paid for the car repairs…

Overall an amazing day spent with my family and glad that I decided to attend my graduation ceremony would recommend it to any university student.