Over the last couple of months, Tad Web Solutions have expanded, and we recruited our Marketing Manager, Jamie. This post is going to explain in short from his point of view of what it is like to work at Tad Web Solutions.

There are a lot of positives working at Tad Web Solutions, and doing the role that I do, marketing. First of all, the location, the office, and the building we work in are second to none, I attended an apprenticeship programme a long time ago at Commerce House, and I was impressed then, so to be based here everyday is a real pleasure. The building is lovely, it’s in a great location and as well as this, we are welcomed everyday and well looked after by the ladies who manage Commerce House. It’s a great environment to be in to go about your business day to day.

Day to Day role

This brings me on to my next point of being in the office. My day will start with the usual stuff, getting in to the office, checking emails, checking my tasks for the day using Asana etc. There will also be other stuff like looking ahead to the next couple of days to see if anything needs to be planned, for example, if I’m at BNI, or another networking event then I need to make sure I am prepared. We also attend other business events, and business shows, that is part of my role as marketing manager, enhancing our company and brand awareness. So if we have these events coming up, and all of the team are attending, I need to ensure that everyone is booked on to the event they’re aware of it.

Working with the Team

There are a lot of things besides the aforementioned that also happen in a day to day working at Tad Web Solutions. I am rarely, if at all, involved in the Web Development side of the business, but there is constant communication between the team of what is happening and when it is happening. It’s an active office with regards to communication and the team ensure that tasks are completed to the correct time scale, and when problems arise they are rectified sharply. In addition to the professional side of the office, there is also great camaraderie amongst the team. Having this type of relationship in office makes it an all round fun office to be involved in and working at Tad Web Solutions that even more of a pleasure.

Learning and Developing

As I only recently graduated, I came in to the office with a lot of unknown knowledge. However, whilst working at Tad Web Solutions, I have been given a platform to develop and ensure that I have all the relevant information and knowledge available to myself. This can only happen as a result of working in a team who encourage and support each other with whatever is needed.

I have a had a fantastic start to my career with Tad Web Solutions and I’m looking forward to growing further with the company in the future.