We should be open and clear about the cost of software and the truth is developing bespoke software packages for your company doesn’t come cheap.

At Tad Web Solutions we like to be honest with potential clients and where an off-the-shelf solution is available at a much lower cost than developing something from scratch we will suggest it and offer our support, if needed, in setting it up and maintaining it.

A very recent example is from a company using WooCommerce who asked us to develop some “bespoke” functionality for the shopping cart. We simply pointed out that for around £40 they could buy a commercial plug-in that would do exactly what they want. You could argue that we have missed an opportunity to make a few quid. I would suggest that our honest and straightforward approach will lead to a lot more genuine business in the future.

There are times when we will recommend a bespoke solution and in every case it is where there is a business need that will justify it. There are a few scenarios where this will be the case:

  • The initial cost is far outweighed by the medium to long term income or savings – the most common case
  • It is something new and innovative and it is believed that this will increase sales sufficiently to create a much greater market share and profit
  • There are off-the-shelf packages available that will meet most of a business’ needs but the missing parts are mission critical
  • It is a cost-effective solution to a regulatory need

Sometimes it may be an idea that is something of a “punt” for the initiator where they believe that their idea could take off with no guarantees, but they have the financial backing to do it.

What we do guarantee is that we will provide honest advice in how we can help you which may include advice to buy an off-the-shelf package or even not to go ahead at all. If it is not our field of expertise we will pass you on to someone who may be able to help you better than we can. If it is something we can help with we don’t take your money and run but build long term partnerships to ensure that our clients get a return on their investment and, hopefully, use us regularly to develop their online presence and software.

If you have an idea or would simply like us to take a look at what you do and look at potential automation and innovation then get in touch – we simply help our clients become more profitable.