This will be a short post and we do welcome comments from other web-designers and developers with their thoughts. My starting point is:

I don’t think Gutenberg is completely release ready

I’m not saying that it doesn’t work, we are using it, but I believe there are many features and key plugins (e.g. WooCommerce) that are not completely release ready and the people behind the Yoast SEO plugin have voiced some concerns. Using it feels very much like we’re beta testing rather than using a full featured replacement for the last major release.

My second point is:

Non-technical editors (our clients) are struggling with it

We create sites for graphic design agencies who are used to the old WordPress when they edit for their clients, they are struggling with the new editor. The idea is that Gutenberg makes it easier but I’m not yet convinced of this. It may be a case of them becoming familiar with the changes but right now it feels like a bit of an issue.

So, what do you think?