After I’ve spent twelve months away, it’s good to be back at Tad Web Solutions and a part of the Board of Directors, a company where I started my working life as an apprentice. As Tad Web Solutions turns 5, I’d like to speak on behalf of the company when I say we’re at a very exciting point in our business timeline, here’s why.

The Office for National Statistics published in November 2015 that 246,000 business closed their doors for good through 2014. With the uncertainty of the implications from the Brexit result and a cash-flow crisis for many businesses, statisticians predict that number to be higher when representing the death toll of businesses in 2016.

It’s looking at such figures – 246,000 closed businesses – that gives a sense of achievement for Tad Web Solutions. A company founded in the midst of a recession is not only surviving, but thriving as it moves into it’s fifth year of business. A feat that would not have been possible without the support of staff, partners and clients.

What does the next chapter entail for Tad Web Solutions?

New Look

As Tad Web Solutions turns five, we’re celebrating by bringing the company brand up to speed and working with the great team at Squegg to create a new aesthetic for the face of our company. You’ll be reading this post from our own new website and you’ll have seen our brand new logo. What do you think?

New Projects

To an extent as you get older, birthdays mean less and less and serve as just another reminder that you’re one year older and perhaps wiser. As such, we’re just as focused on providing great web design, software and web development services to our clients. We’ve got some hugely exciting projects to come before we celebrate our next birthday, so watch this space.

New Staff

As we celebrate new and current clients with new projects, we also welcome new staff to the team. James joined us at Tad Web Solutions in June of this year as an apprentice via local training provider Optimum Skills and is already working with clients to help establish themselves online in his role as a web designer. James adds a fresh view on projects and we’re glad to have him on board.

New Lease

After twelve great months at our home in Boho Five, we’ve renewed our lease. We’re firm believers in the spirit of Teesside – a place that provides so much opportunity, particularly in the creative industries. It was very much a ‘no-brainer’ decision to renew our lease. With the relaunch of Digital City due in November of this year, we’re excited to see what our hometown has in store for us in the future as we look ahead to 2017.

Same Quality Service

We recently became registered with to receive input from our clients. It serves a great, impartial medium not only for potential partners and clients to read real feedback about us, but also serves as a great reference for us internally to answer ‘How did we do?’ and ‘what can we do better?’. Your reviews help us to constantly improve our service.