Expert Web Development by Tad Web Solutions

Web development is an ideal solution for individuals and businesses where an ‘out of the box’ option is not readily available. Similarly, web development can be used to bridge the gap between two existing products and allow them to communicate seamlessly – developing a solution to pair your website with your preferred customer relationship management tool is a prime example.

Tad Web Solutions are an experienced web development company led by an award-winning post-graduate from Teesside University. Web development is what we know and what we’re passionate about.

We offer a web development service that follows a proven ‘agile development’ process, refined using our experience from delivering web services over the last five years, to create a solution tailored to your exact requirements.

  1. We believe that a conversation costs nothing and comes with absolutely no obligation. Over the phone or in person, we’d like to meet with you to understand your business, understand the problem that our web development can solve and plan ahead on how we can integrate the solution for you, considering factors such as training your staff, meeting required data protection laws and much more.
  2. We’ll then review your requirements and create a proposal to develop a web solution that is inline with all relevant legislation. As part of the proposal, we also provide an estimate timeframe, allowing you to plan ahead for any required staff development and so on.
  3. If you’re happy to go ahead, great. You’ll work closely with our lead developer Ian Elcoate to create a first draft of your web solution. Where applicable, we’ll implement the draft on a private test server for you and your staff to sample before it’s fully introduced to your business environment. From here, you can provide feedback on how the solution works so far, any features you feel need to be added and any further changes. Our team will get straight to work on them.
  4. We’ll work on your changes, carry out extensive testing of the development and again invite you and your staff to review the next stage, repeating the above steps until the end product meets your exact requirements.
  5. Finally, we’ll implement your web development to your live website, carry out final testing, prepare any documents such as user guides and work with you to train staff, where required. After a short period of time of the development being in place, we’ll review with you how it has benefited your business and how, if necessary, we can expand it further.

Web development can be utilised to bridge the gap or create something completely new online with the aim of improving efficiency in your business by streamlining your process, whilst also minimising the possibility of human error. Our expert web development team at Tad Web Solutions are on hand to help you create your solution.

A recent example saw our web developers work with an online retailer to automate the process of booking a courier for each order placed their website. Where previously a member of staff would have to manually enter each delivery address from each order, our web developers worked alongside the couriers API to create a system that automatically logged the order and delivery details with the courier, no manual action required.

If you have a question or would like to enquire about our service, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you on your web development project.