Bespoke Online Software for QA International Certification

QA International Certification are an accredited certification body supporting clients across the globe to maintain systems and procedures in line with industry specifications. Their experienced team help clients across all sectors with accreditations such as ISO140001. With offices in 7 countries, including their head office in Darlington, QA International are a growing organisation and required bespoke software that could manage their internal processes and be able to grow with the company.

In early-2016, the team at QA International commissioned our web development team at Tad Web Solutions to create a completely bespoke online software solution that would allow them to easily manage their rapidly growing client list, quickly filter through their complex data system and automate administrative tasks such as follow up emails and client account creation. With such data comes the need for robust web security.

After an initial consultation, we learnt that QAIC had tried different, readily available web solutions over a number of years but were unable to find a solution that exactly fitted their requirements – a bespoke development was required.

Having exported their existing client data, our developers began work on a secure PHP and MySQL online software system built completely from scratch. Our development team worked to create a model of how data can be added, modified and deleted, whilst our web design team worked to create a friendly UI that made managing such a vast quantity of data as user friendly as possible. A simple and user-friendly design for the QAIC team also meant that time spent retraining staff to adopt the new software upon completion was minimal.

Key features of the QAIC project include:

  • Completely bespoke online software with client and staff portals – built in PHP and MySQL, accessible through a website URL.
  • Automated emailing system – emails distributed to clients on predefined dates.
  • Fully encrypted data.
  • Anticipated weekly saving of over 25 hours of staff time by automating and simplifying admin tasks.

Having launched the online software in mid-2016, we had the pleasure of receiving the following feedback from a representative for our client, verified by

We were looking for someone to come up with a bespoke web-based database, with multi-user functionality and some innovative potential for development – and Ian and his team did just that and more. Quite often going beyond what was expected of them, they have ensured that no matter how big or small we wanted to change something, it wasn’t an issue, and we now have an industry changing programme that gives us a competitive edge over our business rivals. We would recommend Tad Web Solutions to everyone.

We continue to work with the team at QAIC to expand their software as their company continues to grow.

If you’re not happy with the existing software used in your company, or you’re unable to find software that best suits the requirements of your staff and your business, a member of our web development team would be more than to happy to talk to you about building a bespoke online software solutions with Tad Web Solutions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us, we look forward to working with you.