Web Design that attracts investment for Power Roll™

Fellow members of NEPIC, Big Solar are an ambitious technology startup aiming to revolutionise the way in which we collect and generate solar power with their unique product that is currently under development, Power Roll™.

In early-2015, the team at Big Solar commissioned our web design team at Tad Web Solutions to create a new responsive website that introduced their product to potential partners, suppliers and investors. The newly designed website would also need to showcase their impressive Key Performance Indicators against standard silicon PV – with Power Roll™ measuring up to be 145x thinner with a 48x weight reduction and the potential for application where silicon PV would not be possible.

After an initial meeting at their Sunderland headquarters, we were able to fully understand the requirements of the website for Power Roll™ and create a strategy to design and develop a website that can market their unique product in a way which appeals to investors, but can also be expanded upon once the product enters the market.

As such, we designed the website to immediately convey these KPIs and illustrate that Power Roll™ is at the very forefront of solar technology.

Utilising the popular WordPress framework, the website provides the opportunity to showcase the potential for Power Roll™ in terms of applications and also allows visitors to meet each member of the Big Solar team, from research scientists to non-executive directors. The advantages of Power Roll™ against typical Silicon PV is consolidated in a ‘Why Flexible PV’ page.

Working with a North East marketing agency and local photography company, we were able to create an intuitive, responsive website that matches the new branding of the company and introduces Power Roll™ before the product even reaches the market.

Key features of the Power Roll™ website include:

  • Responsive design built upon the WordPress framework.
  • Management of company photography.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for user metrics and website visitor insights.

We continue to work with the team at Big Solar to update their website as their rapid development of Power Roll™ progresses and they continue to build partnerships with Universities and established companies from across the world.

If you’re looking to introduce your revolutionary product before it goes to market, our web design team would be more than happy to help. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project further – we look forward to working with you.