There are a lot of things that may change significantly in the next year and even the next week, as a this week we will know the result of the General Election.

Those of you who know me, know I am rather political but I’m not planning to try and convince you to vote the same way as me but to briefly examine what will happen post-election and post-Brexit assuming the latter happens. I do have a crystal ball and I know exactly what will happen …


I have no idea on the specifics of that, what it will mean for me as an individual or us as a business but I am certain there will be changes whether that is to employment laws, tax systems, the economy in general and much more. So how do we plan for that?

At this moment in time, when we do not know the specifics of the coming changes, we can’t plan our specific response. What we can do is create a culture of how we respond to change, to be ready for whatever comes our way. Here at Tad Web, and personally, it is a very simple attitude:

  1. Change is inevitable
  2. Change will create threats to the way we currently do things
  3. That means it provides us with an opportunity to review how we work, to respond and meet changing circumstances, and become a leader in doing something new or different
  4. It provides opportunities for us to help our clients, and businesses we don’t yet work with, to manage their change processes
  5. It provides opportunities for us to help our referral partners find opportunities to do the same

It’s a choice, in my opinion. If the coming changes are not ones I want I could sit and moan about how things have got worse OR I can accept the changes and move to make them work and strive to make me, my company, our business partners and everyone else better off as a result. To me, it’s not a difficult choice.

Exciting times I think.