At Tad Web we have recently sat down with our business advisors to plan the next 5 and 10 years of the company moving forward, where we aim to be at that point, turnover, profit, staffing, the works. It has led to some big changes here.

The major change is that Peter Calvert, a director of the company and minor shareholder, felt that this new direction was not right for him and an opportunity to move on appeared that he felt was right. At Tad Web a big part of our culture is to develop people so they can achieve their own ambitions and goals in the same way that we aim to help our clients develop their own dreams and ambitions. So Peter moves on with the best wishes of all at Tad Web and has an agreement with the Managing Director to buy him out. We’re sure Peter will be a big success in his new role at Mabo Media and that the move is right for everyone concerned.

That leaves our Managing Director with sole responsibility for growth and he aims to continue with the growth plans creating jobs, partnership opportunities, delivering clients’ dreams and being part of a group of companies putting Teesside on the map as THE place for digital innovation and services.

Initially we have shrunk by 1 with Peter going at the end of May but already have 2 recruits lined up to start very soon (more details when contracts and start dates are in black and white), a move to much better business accommodation at Commerce House in Middlesbrough, a Finance Director in place, a new salary structure and some very exciting projects in the pipeline. The aim is to grow year on year.

Change can be difficult but we believe that there’s no such thing as standing still in business, if you try to stand still you simply fall behind the pack. We will be recruiting again in 2019 and looking for talented staff who want to be a part of a growing team and fit our culture, if that sounds like you, even if you are still at University, get in touch.