Mobile apps for business in todays society are becoming popular than the mobile web, and  if you think that mobile apps are for the bigger companies and named brands like Supermarkets or Banks, then your wrong. Smaller businesses are pushing there mobile trends, but not forgetting that a successful mobile plan involves more than just a mobile-friendly website design.

Looking from a growth aspect, these days you’ll notice that many small industries that you interact with day in day out they have their own application- be it coffee shops or event feeds. These are the companies that are pushing above the game when taking their marketing to the next level.

But don’t worry if your still not sure why you or your company would need their own mobile application, then look no further!, here are the top three main benefits of following this route.

1) Put yourself in your clients pocket

– The most powerful thing about mobile applications is that they allow you to communicate with your current or future clients. Applications can help promote automated productivity which will improve your business process by reducing and freeing up your time.

2) Stand out from the crowd

– You wouldn’t dream of running a business without a website, so why run it without a mobile application? These days, apps are the new ‘mobile website’, accessible to your clients who are on the go. Studies show that consumers are spending more time on their phones than on their personal computers, so why stop there? Stand out from the crowd and publish your business information from contact details to e-commerce.

3) Putting forward the correct Marketing Channel

– Applications in todays society provide enough information to promote your business from general info, shopping, booking forms, user accounts, news feeds and so much more, you just need to think creatively. Remember the biggest outcome from a mobile application is that all the information you’d like to provide to your customers, is right at their fingertips.

And remember! Is your mobile website enough?!