Gutenberg is Here

Thur Dec 6th 2018 is the official release date for this new and major update to the WordPress platform. The aim is to make the platform much more user-friendly for the non-technical website owner which is a good thing.

Is there a downside?


If your site auto-updates the WordPress version you may well have some very serious issues including a site that simply returns a server error. As well as the core files having major differences there may be themes and plugins that are not compatible.

For most sites this should not be an issue in the short term but longer term it will undoubtedly create issues as there will be a cut-off point where older versions of WP have security holes and are not fully supported meaning there is no sensible alternative other than upgrading and dealing with any issues for core, admin, theme and plugins that arise.

The good news is that the security plug-in we use from Wordfence is not affected and they also provide a great overview of what is happening with the release of Gutenburg at