It’s been a busy couple of weeks with work for clients but also taking some time out (and working the weekend) to learn how to run the business better. We’re big fans of lifelong learning whether that is through reading, talking to our peers or getting along to courses and events. It’s difficult to find the time but is always a wise investment of time and money to invest in your learning.

Last weekend it was the first 2 days on a customer service course with the excellent Enterprise Made Simple with 2 evenings (one tonight) and another full weekend to go. I did already know some of the stuff that was delivered but there are always elements of a course that are new plus the time it gives you to reflect on how you operate now means some changes are afoot! I’m really looking forward to the rest of the course and if you’re interested in some great and free courses (subject to criteria) get in touch and I’ll introduce you to Andrea Clarke, one of the directors of EMS.

On Monday there was an event run online by BNI that included a keynote speaker with a Q&A session along with some other learning sessions on how to get more out of networking as well as the networking opportunities it provided. And it wasn’t just “some generic business leader” for the keynote and Q&A but Sir Clive Woodward who is a legend in my rugby loving household. It was amazing to listen to Sir Clive’s methods and thoughts on how to build a world-class team (in any sphere of life not just sport) and, at its core, a simple idea, as all the best ideas are.

We are recruiting at the moment and this has influenced how I will approach the candidates and what I will ask them as well as how team meetings will run, how we look at projects and the business in general and, in particular, empowering great staff. Lots of takeaways from the session.

I also loved Sir Clive’s belief that tech is at the core of it including ensuring everyone can use the tech – obviously we agree!

If you want to knowe more about the networking and learning opportunities that are provided by BNI contact us and if you get the chance to hear/see Sir Clive Woodward speak and deliver his thoughts then it really is worth your time and money.