Some analysts are talking of tablet devices falling out of favour as phone screens become larger and deliver the same functionality. Figures suggest Apple sold 15% fewer iPads in 2014 than they did in 2013. Is the tablet dying? Have tablet sales reached their peak?

Worldwide tablet sales are still set to increase according to industry analysts with sales per year as:

2010: 17.6 million
2011: 59.8 million
2012: 124.8 million
2013: 216.3 million
2014: 216.1 million
2015: 233.4 million (forecast)
2016: 259.0 million (forecast)
(source: Gartner)

Even if the forecasts are wrong the figures will probably hold up.

In terms of market share, Apple is the biggest manufacturer but if we lump the generic brands together, e.g. Tesco’s Hudl, the figures for 2014 are:

Generic tablets – 29%
Apple – 26%
Samsung – 17%
(source: Strategy Analytics)

We don’t see that there will be a significant drop in tablet sales in the near future, nor from a web development point of view will there be a drop in tablet usage. What we see is a blurring of the divide between tablet and mobile phones in terms of use and screen size and this just reinforces the need to ensure that your website works well on a range of smaller screens and operating systems.