FAQ When Choosing a Web Company

Last Updated: Sept 2019

Where are you based?

Tad Web Solutions are a web development and web design company based in Commerce House in Middlesbrough. All of our staff are based at our Teesside office – every website craft and every software solution we create, is produced from these premises. To find out more about our company, please refer to our About page.

What services do you offer as a web agency?

Tad Web Solutions’ core services are web design, development and online software – this includes eCommerce solutions. We work with quality, proven, local partners to supply related and required services such as marketing strategy, content creation, animation and videography, graphic design and print. We work closely with our partner agencies and oversee the entire process on your behalf, meaning you deal with one company, Tad Web Solutions.

Do you outsource your web design or web development?

We’re a web development and web design company that put quality service and quality product as our highest priority. Our primary interests are client satisfaction and quality end product. As such, none our core services – web design, web development and online software – are ever outsourced. Associated services, the likes of graphic design, PPC, print and animation are passed to local, trusted partners. Our approach is completely transparent and whilst we have recommended partners for additional services, we are happy to work alongside companies of your choosing to maximise the impact of your website.

What’s the difference between web design and web development?

You’ll have seen that our core services include both web design and web development. Web design is the art of creating a website with a quality user interface and basic functionality for customers and clients to use and interact with. Web development can entail design, but focuses more on creating bespoke functionality. Examples are creating separate admin sections (sometimes called a ‘back office’), or creating unique methods for you to engage with website visitors.

How does the web design/web development/software development process work?

Because each project we work with clients on is unique, the process for creation is slightly different. The best way to learn how exactly we can help you is to contact us.

We also have a post on our blog that outlines the basic process to a web design project with Tad Web Solutions.

How long does it take to build a website?

Understandably, this depends on what you need. After a discussion and an understanding of your requirements, we’re able to provide an accurate time estimate of how long your project would take. Please contact us to discuss further.

What is needed for you to design and develop my website or software?

Understandably, this also depends on your requirements. As part of project estimates and quotes, we include exactly what we need from you to create your website or software within an agreed timeframe. Please contact us to discuss further.

Will I own my website or software?

Yes. As standard we include a clause that upon full payment, the intellectual property (IP) of your website (including domain name) and any content is solely yours. Joint ventures and variations to IP ownership are possible upon request.

Will my website have a content management system (CMS)?

At the request of the client, we’re able to design and develop websites on the popular WordPress platform, which is completely Open Source. WordPress accounts for approximately 26% of all websites currently online and is incredibly user friendly – allowing you to edit your website’s content and images, or manage a company blog with ease, next to no technical skills required. If you have any issues with WordPress at any point, the team at Tad Web Solutions are on hand to help.

How much does a website cost?

Websites and software are unique in the way that they look and the way that they work, therefore it’s difficult for us to have a fixed price for any of our services. Our starting price for new web projects is £1000, subject to VAT where applicable.

Is my website backed up?

Every website hosted by Tad Web Solutions on behalf of our clients is backed up on a monthly basis. This means that should there ever be an issue, we have a stable copy of your website saved to restore. You’re free to request a backup copy of your website or software at any point after the project is completed.

Will people see my website before it’s finished?

No – when we begin the process of designing a website, we work behind a username and password that we’ll share with you. You can view your website and allow friends, colleagues and associated to view your website as it’s built, but only once it’s finished and signed off will it be accessible by the public on the World Wide Web.