On Monday 16th July, our new recruit Chris graduated at Teesside University. It was a day of celebration for all involved, including the rest of the team. With two employees graduating on the same day, it was declared as a company day off for all to enjoy.

It was an early start to the day, getting up at 7am to get ready for a day to be proud of, arriving at Teesside University just before 9am heading straight to the Curve to get his gown. This was a very proud moment for not only himself but for his family. The gown would also prove useful after the ceremony, with many of the bars and restaurants offering free or discounted drinks for any graduate. This set the backbone to the rest of the day, as after the ceremony they went for lunch in Al Fornos then went into a few of the bars around the university.

Overall this was an incredible day and one he will most certainly remember. Even if getting up for work the following day was more difficult than normal.