To me it seems that there are two main choices in growing an agency. You can grow a big team and bring in all asociated services under one roof or you can outsource services outside of a core offering, collaborating with others to provide services such as copywriting, graphics, branding, marketing (PPC, SEO, Social Media), photography, videograpy, etc.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both models but for us we have chosen the latter route. That doesn’t mean we aren’t growing our core team but it does mean that our team will consist of “geeks” and not all those other services (but in time we may add our own sales team, for us not clients).

What is very interesting is the opinion of others on this, especially those we are pitching to and there have been mixed results.

Not that long ago we pitched to develop the website and management platform for FurbdIT and we pitched as the lead organisation in a small consortium that included graphibs/branding from Bombshell Design ( and security/penetration testing from the Lucid Group (, both trusted and local partners we are very happy to be associated with. The combination of companies was seen as a positive and we won the work. However, on another recent pitch the same sort of approach was seen as a negative and we didn’t win the work.

We are always clear that not everything is done in house and let clients know who the partner company is/companies are plus give them the option of dealing dircetly with our partners or for us to manage everything as a single point of contact.

We would love to know the views of other growing agencies on their model for growth and others who use tech companies as to whether collaboration would be seen as a positive or a negative.