Technology is neutral, how it is used, owned and managed determines whether it has a positive or a negative effect on society. I believe we need to have a very different view about technology and make changes as a society that greatly reduce the hours people work as the benefits for society and innovation in business will be massively boosted by that.

Other than putting forward such radical ideas there are a few things we can do as businesses. There is a growing movement towards a 4-day week and my business switched late last year from a 5-day 37.5-hour week to a 4-day 30-hour week with no loss of salary. Hopefully this is better for the work-life balance and mental health of the team (you can ask them) but without societal changes it is difficult as a business to go much further than that (though I would love it if we could automate our own work sufficiently to get down to a 2-day week).

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