The central focus of Tad Web Solutions is to help our clients improve their business by having a great website that advertises what they do but increasingly via automation, by building cloud-hosted systems that increase productivity, improve customer experience and/or make them stand out as being better and more forward thinking than the competition.

What kind of processes should be automated?

Simply processes where there is a business case for doing so, whether that be by savings on productivity through time-saving on the process or reducing the time needed to correct errors in manual systems, or through the increased revenue that will be generated as a result of increasing customers via ease of use or through an innovative sales funnel or product.

Some Examples 

The software we build will often be for internal use and can have a NDA as part of the agreement so some of our projects can’t be discussed publicly but to give a flavour:

  • The Framed Picture Company website ( with ongoing product development and dynamic product visualisation tools developed by us alongside enhanced management tools for automating delivery with couriers and creating work schedules from orders.
  • A CRM with bespoke automated customer emailing for a quality standards accreditation company.
  • Electronic ordering system for a blinds manufacturer.
  • A dynamic product visualisation and pricing tool for a manufacturer that can be incorporated into their trade clients’ sites including trade discount and their own mark-up. This also generates a full and costed parts list for the manufacturer.
  • Our newest project is to develop a high level bespoke CRM for a client that will incorporate automated VoIP calls, telephone preference service checking, account storage and management and some very special bespoke tools for the client.

In all cases the tools greatly improve the productivity of our clients by reducing human input, which also reduces errors, but visualisation tools for bespoke products also greatly enhance the customer experience and are great income generators.

Should We Automate?

Take a look at any repetitive processes that require human input. How many person-hours are being spent doing these tasks? What does that equate to in financial terms?

If you have an understanding of what the current costs are you can then make an informed decision on whether it is cost effective to replace this with an automated system and how long it would take you to get your investment back and move into profit.

We would be happy to discuss potential projects with you, the only cost for that is your time to meet up. We’d love to help.