Foreword by Peter Calvert

This is the beginning of a series of posts to form an apprentice blog from James on his experience and his progress as a level 2 apprentice as part of the web design team at Tad Web Solutions. James is based in our Teesside office and is working towards a qualification whilst also gaining valuable work-based experience.

The Beginning of my Apprentice Blog

I joined the team through an apprentice employment program ran by optimum Skills on the 25th of July as an apprentice after doing some small work on databases and took on a role as part of the design team.

In my time working here I have improved my skills in all aspects of web design. I have been learning to use different languages depending on what the clients wants and needs are and this has helped me improve my efficiency and functionality in this line of work. I also bring the physical aspect of I.T to the work place as I previously built and preformed maintenance on PCs and have a natural talent for all things tech, I believe, as I am new to this kind of work I can provide a fresh and new perspective to the way we design.

As my time here grows longer I hope to become more capable of creating and implementing different techniques into my work so that the quality of my work becomes greater, which includes creating my own assets to be used in the sites so that no two websites are alike.

My Apprenticeship So Far

In the 2 months I have already worked here I have learned to use HTML, PHP and CSS, which are the main languages that our websites are made in, and hope to add a plethora of new languages to that list to improve what I can and can’t do as at the moment I am limited to what I can produce. In the future I would like to be able to create apps and different pieces of software.

I hope that my time here sees me to learn more about this line of work and give me the experience I need to become a main role in the team and take on bigger projects.